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Lunaris ankle-foot prosthesis

Axiles Bionics and Solico Engineering

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

The Axiles Bionics Lunaris is a revolutionary ankle-foot prosthesis. Lunaris was developed to offer users a revolutionary ankle interface providing unprecedented flexibility, increased comfort and a more natural range of motion.

Benefits for the final customers?

Lunaris uses advanced composite components to reduce the overall weight and outer dimensions of the unit compared to earlier all-metallic designs, fitting the groundbreaking AI sensor package in a size 36 foot, as well as delivering the specific non-linear stiffness required for a more natural gait.

The product : materials and processes

The Axiles Bionics Lunaris is a revolutionary ankle-foot prosthesis which features bespoke composite components engineered and optimised by Solico Engineering. Lunaris uses high-performance materials including high-end carbon and glass fiber prepregs, aerospace-grade aluminum as well as one of the strongest titanium alloys to deliver an unprecedented amount of performance in a small package.

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