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K2 freetouring skis made with an ampliTex™ flax fibre reinforcement

Bcomp Ltd

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

K2 and Bcomp worked together for the better part of the last decade to continually push the boundaries of high-performance freeride and touring skis. The new Dispatch range has been developed to make the most of ampliTex™ flax reinforcements and provide an extremely smooth ride in any conditions.

Benefits for the final customers?

K2 used ampliTex™ in the form of unidirectional flax reinforcements to replace conventional glass fibres with a renewable and more sustainable reinforcement solution. ampliTex™ flax fibres significantly improve the vibration damping of the skis and allow for a lightweight yet incredibly smooth ski.

The product : materials and processes

The K2 Dispatch range consists of 3 different models that cover all types of freeride skiers in any snow condition. From the Dispatch 101 for backcountry exploration missions to the Dispatch 120 for the deepest powder days, they all rely on Bcomp''s ampliTex™ to create a lightweight yet very stable and predictable ski with incredible performance and exceptional vibration damping for a smooth ride.

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