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Integrated Loop Technology (ILT) bicycle frame

Compo Tech PLUS

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

ILT was developed with CompoTech''s advanced composites design and proprietary winding technology platform to overcome unnecessary machining and reduce labour-intensive, hand-lamination when joining structural tubes. The CDuro bike was developed to showcase the frame production technolgy.

Benefits for the final customers?

  • Increased frame production automation: reduced quality issues and overall production and labour time.
  • Efficient material use, eliminating over-laminated joints.
  • Reduced machining: joint or hole designed into the ILT filament placement process.
  • Continuous fibre process giving stronger joints.

The product : materials and processes

CDuro bike CFRP front triangle, produced using robotic filament placement with ILT. A process that combines a structural composite tube with a looped joining component. The result is a joint integral to the structure from a continuous fibre automated process. The rear arm - moulded epoxy and stitched carbon fabric from Carbonlaying s.r.o. INTEND BC uses CompoTech composite tubes to resist shocks.

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