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Innovation Planets Parts - INDUSTRY

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Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Hedera was born from the pandemic period - from the need to make Nature bloom at home, in your workspaces, even if you have no space, time or skills for it. This vertical garden allows you to live effortlessly in harmony with Nature because Hedera has an automatic watering system.

Benefits for the final customers?

Using composite materials ensures a long life, without deformation or sagging. Moreover, the texture of the material makes each piece unique.

The product : materials and processes

Hedera is an indoor vertical garden that allows everyone to grow their own plants at home. The Hedera''s pots are made of GMC (green moulding composite), an innovative raw material that comes from organic rather than fossil sources such as flax fibers, bio-resin and bio-filler obtained from crops waste. These pots are made by compression molding.

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