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Healable ski pole

CompPair Technologies Ltd.

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

CompPair's healable prepregs have received significant interest for semi-finished products, such as tubes for industry or sports parts. Having already demonstrated our product''s value in the winter sports industry with ski prototypes for Salomon, we continue to gain traction in the ski industry.

Benefits for the final customers?

HealTech poles bring an added healing innovation to conventional ski poles, extending lifetime and improving damping properties. The regular maintenance of ski poles allows healing microcracks that occur due to repetitive loadings, regenerating the pole before the damage becomes too extensive.

The product : materials and processes

HealTech is a ground-breaking innovation in self-healing composites, enabling the production of composite structures that heal damage on-site in 1-2 minutes. HealTech's tubing allows repetitive impacts to be easily repaired, avoiding crack propagation and catastrophic failure. The materials used to produce HealTech ski poles are carbon UD prepregs, made with the rolling process and oven cured.

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