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Foamed Solar Generation/Storage Panel

Tecnalia Research & Innovation

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

This panel is the building block of a modular plug and play system for simple solar energy generation/storage. The panel integrates the solar cells on one side and the corresponding backup batteries inside the laminate, together with the electronic elements required for controlling the charge.

Benefits for the final customers?

  • Lightweight fully integrated system
  • Easy installation
  • Very nice aesthetics provided by the outer flax fabric
  • Very good integration of solar systems in rural / countryside areas (aesthetics)
  • Maintenance free (no rust)
  • Batteries and electronics don''t require extra space, wiring is minimised

The product : materials and processes

The panel is the basic element of a solar generation/storage system to democratize solar installations. Potential applications are solar roofs for electric boats and light delivery vehicles, solar fences in rural areas, solar canopies for EV charging, façade systems and outdoor furniture.

All the elements are integrated in a specially developed foaming process that yields a very light panel.

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