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Composite Fire Wall for different fire resistance requirements

G12 Innovation

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Modular fire wall for power substations. The product can be used in other applications in different segments. However the focus will be on substations. The reason for the development is that the current walls are made of concrete and are extremely heavy, difficult to install and expensive.

Benefits for the final customers?

Drastic weight reduction when compared to the traditional product, modularity for different applications, reduced logistical cost, fast and safe installation. The main materials of the formulation are from renewable and recyclable sources. Flexible formulation to meet different fire standards.

The product : materials and processes

Modular wall (LEGO concept) formulated with different layers and thicknesses providing different fire resistance and mechanical performance levels. Materials based on renewable sources, intumescent and with low smoke emission. Another feature of the product will be the high content of glass and special fillers. Hybrid processes, according to the application: Continuous Lamination, Pultrusion, RTM.

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