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CFRP cable-net glass facade


Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

Facades are an integral part of a building''s sustainability concept. This innovation presents an efficient and sustainable structural solution for diverse building envelopes with unparalleled load capacity and longevity, benefitting the entire value chain from concept to construction and beyond.

Benefits for the final customers?

A high tensile strength allows the CFRP cable net to carry an increased structural load, reducing additional superstructure demands. With no relaxation, a higher level of pretension is maintained. No service or replacement demands dramatically increasing lifespan while reducing the cost of ownership.

The product : materials and processes

A structural cable-net system which transfers load between a building''s main envelope and its superstructure. The CFRP components are shaped pultruded carbon rods bonded into a resin/titanium cone. 3D-printed CFRP nodes are bonded at fixed points to support glass panels. The entire cable net is hidden between the glazing with a thin silicone bead, protecting the glass edge and the CFRP from UV.

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