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CFRP C-frame made by TFP: a demonstration game

Leibniz-Institute für Polymerforschung Dresden e. V.

Genesis of your product. why and for whom?

We developed an extremely lightweight variable-axial CFRP C-frame for future applications on hand-held mobile tools for cold forming joining of metal, such as clinching. Common C-frames need to transfer high loads, are made of steel, and thus, are far too heavy and unbalanced to be operated freely.

Benefits for the final customers?

The weight of future C-frames for hand tools made of carbon composites can be dramatically reduced to 0,5 kg compared to the state-of-art metal frames of 2.5 kg, retaining the same structural stiffness, and thus, giving more freedom in operation and reducing risks of injuries in case of a tool drop.

The product : materials and processes

The C-frame is made of variable-axial carbon preforms manufactured by Tailored Fiber Placement and infiltrated with cold curing epoxy resin. The infiltration process was conducted with the help of 3D-printed and cast silicon molds with adapted thickness profiles. For part shaping, a topology optimization and the TFP modelling tool EDOstructure were used.

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