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Innovation Awards Winners 2023

JEC World

Manufacture a Krueger wing flap in thermoplastic


CETIM (France)

Partner(s): Loiretech, France - AFPT GmbH, Germany - SONACA SA, Belgium

Innovative Krueger Flap produced In-situ with an automated thermoplastic process.

The innovative Krueger flap, produced through this multi-partner project*, has a large and complex shape and was manufactured using an in-situ thermoplastic consolidation process. It outperforms existing processes in terms of structural and industrial performance with higher production, better process stability and improved composite quality. This composite part designed in several components (3 cells to create very resistant hollow bodies and a skin to guarantee the holding of the whole meets the mechanical and weight constraints, and can be industrialized with this innovative process in-situ, that means without any additional productions steps (curing, autoclave...).

Key benefits

  • In-situ consolidation with full automated process (laser filament winding)
  • Recyclability (thermoplastic part)
  • Repeatability and reliability of the process
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Mass reduction of large parts

*The SWING European R&D project has received funding from the Clean Sky research and innovation programme (H2020) under grant agreement No :  864453


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