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Innovation Awards Finalists 2023

JEC World

True Bio-Based Thermoset Resin


Evonik Operations GmbH (Germany)

Partner(s): Kemijski Institut, Slovenia

We developed a new, low viscosity thermosetting resin based on lignin. Designed to work with established processes, i.e. VARI, it reduces the carbon footprint of composites significantly.

Vanillin methacrylate, derived from lignin, a waste product from the paper and pulp industry, is the backbone of our new bio-based thermoset resin. Our innovation converts this solid material into a liquid suitable for commercial peroxide hardeners. We made composite panels using flax fiber fabric and VARI (vacuum-assisted resin infusion) equipment. Testing with benchmark materials (epoxy and vinyl ester resins) showed a comparable performance of the laminate. By optimizing the hardener package the performance can be enhanced further.

Key benefits

  • 75 % carbon footprint reduction
  • Bio-based from waste material of the paper and pulp industry
  • Easy to use, low viscosity
  • Excellent performance, especially in combination with flax
  • Drop-in thermoset resin
  • Evonik
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