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Innovation Awards Finalists 2023

JEC World

KORIDION - Active Core Moulding


Alia Mentis SRL (Italy)

Partner(s): Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Italy - FERRARI Spa, Italy - FILIPPI Boats Srl, Italy - GEVEN Spa, Italy - MFC Hawaii, United States, SABELT Spa, Italy - SCUDERIA ALPHATAURI Spa, Italy - SUM Srl, Italy

Active core molding. The new process that cancel all current limits on CFRP Transformation

KORIDION is the first active core for the self forming of CFRP to its final shape. No more Autoclaves, Nomore Bags. Its ultralight structure expands by heat, applying equalized pressure to every detail of the CFRP structure within the mold. The viscous behavior absorbs overlaps and all the overall interference involved in the component forming. The perfect complex forming process is a result of the active core. The Koridion core creates high equalized pressure, allows previously impossible forms, is completely fire-proof, is soluble, permits the reduction of CFRP materials garanteeing ultralight compositions and is easy to use.

All features that make KORIDION the solution that gives CFRP forming a new revolutionary freedom, an unseen level of finish quality, lightness and groundbreaking strength.

Key benefits

  • Design freedom + impossible shapes + self-forming structures + monolithic
  • Equalized pressure up to 12bar + ultralight+ fireproof + shockproof + soluble
  • No autoclaves + no bags + simple process
  • + 40% CFRP saving + 50% labor saving.
  • 50% green-house-gas reduction
  • Koridion
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