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Innovation Awards 2022 Winner

JEC World


Fibraworks GmbH , (Germany)

Partner(s) : Hille Enegineering GmbH & Co. KG, Germany - SEM GmbH, Germany -Quality Automation GmbH, Germany - Fibraforce AG, Switzerland

Key Benefits:

  • ultra-fast production of customized thermoplastic laminates at up to 675 kg/h

  • individual material combinations can be processed flexibly and fast

  • making thermoplastic composites more affordable in cost-driven applications

  • tailored to customers’ needs to streamline production and reduce waste

  • increasing sustainability and efficiency in composite based lightweight design

Fibraforce technology – revolutionizing the high-volume production of genuine customized multiaxial thermoplastic cross-ply laminates with our continuous and ultra-fast winding process

Lightweight design is a key technology for conserving resources and composites are the cornerstone. They are becoming more common, but often involve complex processes and high costs. Of course, low-cost composites are available, but efficient design of structural composites is only possible with a load-path related fiber orientation and layer structure, which leads to high material and component costs. This in turn makes composites unattractive in cost-driven applications and hinders their widespread use and this is precisely where we are setting new standards with our innovation: Fibraforce Technology.

Our patented technology enables an efficient, high-volume process for reinforcements with multiaxial fiber orientation, whether they are based on dry fibers or thermoplastic composites. It provides ideal lightweight solutions by delivering customizable reinforcements with fiber orientations and lay-ups required by the market, combined with the benefits of an ultra-fast, continuous, and cost-effective production technology.

We primary focus on producing customized thermoplastic cross-ply laminates in form of continuous sheets or rolls, which significantly increases efficiency and flexibility in composite production. This leads to cost and waste reduction, more sustainability and makes composites more affordable in cost-driven applications.

Fibraforce Technology is based on the proven and cost-effective winding process: Unidirectional fiber materials are wound around a moving mandrel. The winding angle, which leads directly to the subsequent cross-ply orientation, can be set between 30° and 70°, and 0° or 90° plies are also conceivable. In the further course of the process, the wound cross-ply material is cut to size, combined into a flat scrim, and locally fixed according to customer requirements. This produces a manageable cross-ply laminate for subsequent processes, which is then either coiled (organo-coils) or, if required, consolidated into an organo-sheet.

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