Applications of Composite Materials for Circularity: Towards a net-zero world

Thursday May 5th, 10am – 10.40am, Agora 6

Sustainability is becoming an ever more compelling argument in the materials selection process. Composites are strong, lightweight and durable materials which are seeing increasing adoption and are now used in more than 40 000 end-use applications in many large markets like transportation, power, energy and many other markets. Sustainability in their use phase is often a key driver for the selection of composites over traditional materials. Composite structures deliver a long service life combined with low maintenance requirements, and lightweight composites result in lower energy consumption throughout a product’s life. Macro trends driving more sustainable practices include energy use and availability, the effects of climate change and the ever-rising population and consumption of resources. There is a need for scalable solutions that address these challenges, and composites is an answer in a world where demand for sustainable solutions continues to grow.​

Speakers: ​

  • Anurag BANSAL, Global Business Development Manager, Acciona
  • Friedrich J. DEIMANN, Founder & CEO, GREENBOATS
  • Allan POULSEN, Head of Advanced Structures and Sustainability, Vestas Wind Systems​
  • Frederic SICARD, Technical Specialist Composite Material & Process, Vehicle Engineering – Research Department, Jaguar Land Rover
  • Tassilo WITTE, Cluster Leader Cabin, CTC (an Airbus Company)​​

Moderator: Ben DROGT, Managing Director, European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)​