Sustainability of Raw Materials for Composites: Boosting the Circular Revolution

Tuesday May 3rd, 3pm – 3.40pm – Agora 5

Composite materials are widely used in today’s aircrafts, cars, wind turbines and ships. They are in many aspects very sustainable (lightweight, long lasting, etc.); however, for composites materials to be fully circular, new solutions have to be developed and implemented. Having a more careful approach in the design of Composite Materials for circularity, which in turn implies choosing in view of their recycling and reducing the environmental impact of the whole lifecycle is definitely the first step to obtain sustainable rewarding results.​

Speakers: ​

  • Laurence DUFRANCATEL, Engineering Director – Sustainable Materials Division, Faurecia​
  • Christian FISCHER, Founder & CEO, Bcomp
  • Véronique MICHAUD, Head of Laboratory for Processing of Advanced Composites (LPAC), EPFL​
  • Smitha SUNDARAM, Sustainability Analyst Eco-Economics, Teijin
  • Thomas WEGMAN, Marketing Manager EMEA, AOC Resins​

Moderator: Ignaas VERPOEST, Emeritus Professor, Composite Materials Group, Department of Materials Engineering, KU Leuven​